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System requirements
Minimum requirment: Windows 7
Single core CPU is not recommended.
If the program cannot start, please click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4
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Update information:
v2.05 - Mar. 3, 2015
Fixed: Brazil recording problem

v2.04 - Mar. 2, 2015
Fixed: Some bugs

v2.03 - Mar. 1, 2015
Fixed: Some bugs

v2.00 - Mar. 1, 2015
All new design

v1.41 - Dec. 1, 2014
Fixed: LoL 4.20 recording issue
Fixed: Error message translation
Fixed: Some bugs

v1.40 - Nov. 30, 2014
Fixed: LoL 4.20 recording issue

v1.39 - Jul. 27, 2014
Fixed: A bug when recording spectate match

v1.38 - Jul. 26, 2014
Added: Language "svenska"
Added: You will need to choose your LoL region when first time use
Fixed: Some bugs
v1.37 - Jul. 18, 2014
Fixed: LoL 4.12 recording problem

v1.36 - Jul. 17, 2014
Added: Language "Bahasa Indonesia"
Fixed: LoL 4.12 recording problem

v1.35 - May. 17, 2014
Added: Thailand region supported
Fixed: A bug when watch featured games

v1.34 - May. 15, 2014
Added: español, français and Português
Improved: Taskbar icon exists forever now
Improved: Replas file name format will not accept illegal file name in windows (ex:*/<>?)

v1.33 - Apr. 7, 2014
Added: Polish user interface
Added: Italian user interface
Added: Indonesia supported
Added: Update notify window
Added: Will display "No data" when no detail in record file
Fixed: Crash when recording in unknow region
Fixed: Crash when no detail data in record file
Fixed: Crash when can not find log files
Fixed: Unable to load spectator data

v1.32 - Mar. 26, 2014
Added: Display grid information
Added: Display recording match in replay list
Added: Display record game version
Added: Facebook page button in "Help" menu
Improved: Replay start from 0 sec
Removed: Window auto Hide/Show

v1.30 - Mar. 7, 2014
Fixed: Some bugs.

v1.29 - Feb. 25, 2014
Fixed: Some bugs.

v1.28 - Feb. 24, 2014
Fixed: Some bugs.

v1.27 - Feb. 23, 2014
Added: HexaKill supported
Added: Philippines region supported (testing)
Improved: Startup with windows mechanism(recheck "Start with windows" to make it work)
Improved: Show and hide window is more intelligent now.
Fixed: Some endless recording problem.
Fixed: Some bugs.

v1.25 - Feb. 15, 2014
Added: "Replay starts from 0 sec" option in settings page.
Added: Support garena Vietnam region.
Updated: English news page and official website now available.
Fixed: Cannot get observer encrytion Key.
Fixed: Game detail count of minion now is Neutral minions + enemy minions instead of enemy minions only.
Fixed: Some bugs.

v1.20 - Jan. 28, 2014
Fixed: can't get champion data after lost connection.
Updated: sommoner spell icon.
Improved: Unknow LoL region detect.
Improved: UI response mechanism.
Improved: Replay will start from 0 sec.

v1.10 – Dec. 21, 2013
Fixed: can't get observer key.
Fixed: can't get LoL current version when lol patched.
Updated: sommoner spell icon.

v1.06 – Dec. 12, 2013
Fixed: can't record featured games.
Fixed: can't find icon file.
Fixed: can't finish recording when mutiple LoL installed.

v1.05 – Dec. 11, 2013
Fix bugs.
Fix a bug when replaying record.

v1.03 – Dec. 9, 2013
Fix bugs.
Fix a bug for Windows XP.

v1.02 – Dec. 9, 2013
Fix bugs.

v1.00 – Dec. 8, 2013
Initial version that support NA, EU and others.

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